iPad Keyguards

Vouchers that keyguards to increase accuracy of selection on the iPad state “Keyguard $150”

We order Keyguards to go with the Speech-Generating App you choose from Lasered Pics.
To make your choice:

  1. Decide what type case your will be buying for the iPad. This is NOT paid for by STAP, but needs to be decided prior to ordering the keyguard.
  2. Go to Lasered Pics and type the name of the Speech-Generating App in the “Search” box.
  3. Select the keyguard for that Speech-Generating App that matches the orientation, buttons, etc. you plan to use the Speech-Generating App with.
  4. Select how you will attach the keyguard to the iPad:
    • Keyguards are cut with openings to allow attachment of suction cups. The attachment of suction cups is an option and the suction cups may be purchased at a later date. Suction cups stick to the glass of the iPad and hold the keyguard in place.

    • The strap attachment allows your keyguard to be attached to virtually any case. You can even attach these straps to existing keyguards if the keyguard has keyholes for suction cups, no need to order a new keyguard or to drill holes in your existing one. Simply attach the nylon screws to the keyguard with the supplied washers and nuts, then attach the clip to the screw, tighten up the elastic and you’re all set.

  5. After you make all these choices, go through the process of putting everything in the Lasered Pics shopping cart… Then copy your screen and send it to us.

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